World’s Largest Sea Route crosses Pakistan

The longest boat ride in the world has been revealed by Science Magazine. According to the Magazine world’s largest sea route crosses Southern Pakistan to reach northeastern Russia.

A Reddit user five years ago projected that the journey will yield 32,090 kilometers. The declaration by that user has been proven right by a group of scientists now.

An environmental law attorney from Georgia Patrick Anderson claimed that he was fascinated by the question asked on the internet. The line came up in an entry called “Extreme points of Earth”. Anderson was able to map it with points.

He said,  “You may be a bit disappointed, as I did not discover the path, but merely thought it was cool enough to put on a map.”

Furthermore, a physicist at United Technologies Research Center Ireland Rohan Chabukswar also wanted to explore it further but had no proof behind this assumption.

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Finally, Kushal Mukherjee his colleague and a worker (Engineer) at IBM Research India discovered that the whole planet is at a spatial resolution of approximately 1.8km which means that the size of the smallest features captured by the map will be 1.8km. He found this data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric.

As the model included altitude data it was confirmed as to which points were on the sea and which were at land. Once they had the data finding the longest straight path over ocean became just a matter of time.

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