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World’s Largest Mosque Created With Mud/Soil

In the West African country of Mali, there is a mosque (Masjid) created out of the very earth. Djinguereber Mosque is situated in Timbuktu, Mali makes the city different from other having this 7 centuries (690 years) old landmark.

Due to its design, architecture, built and structure it is renowned in the region known as “Earthen Architecture”, the mosque’s bricks and walls are made up of mud/soil which is then covered with the layer of wet soil/mud.

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The mosque can accommodate 2000 people at one time for prayers, the structure, and material used in building this mosque along with limestone naturally contain the cooling effect in hot summers.

The mosques also need repair work, because it gets cracks in the walls and ceiling with the passage of time. The repair work is done by locals using the same heart-proof earthen material.