World’s largest 64kg gold ring made its way to Sharjah for display

The largest gold ring in the world comes to Sharjah, a city in the United Arab Emirates. The ring will be publically displayed at the Sahara Center for a whole month, Khaleej Times reported.

The owner of the 21-carat ring had named it as “Najmat Taiba”, which means the “Star of Taiba”. The weight of the ring is almost 64kg and decorated with 5.1 kg diamonds and other precious stones.

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The owner of Najmat Taiba had spent $547,000 to create this stunning ring back 2000 when the price of the gold was about $250 an ounce. However, the price of the gold today is trading at about $1,497.5 which gives the ring an extensive value estimated at $3 million.

At least 55 jewel smiths worked for 45 days with the average of 10 hours a day to create this ring. The ring is owned by Taiba, a Dubai-based company.

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