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World’s First Space Hotel Unveils with Artificial Gravity


The designs for the World’s first space hotel have unveiled. It will have artificial gravity to ensure that the guest would be able to walk normally.
Designed by The Gateway Foundation, the space hotel is expected to open by 2025. The creation is called the Von Braun Space Station. It will use the technology already found in the International Space Station (ISS).

This space hotel will not be used for scientific purposes. It is more like an orbiting cruise ship that will have luxury accommodation and cocktail bars.

The artificial gravity will enable people to stay for the long-term as well. Also, the short-term visits will be comfortable with artificial gravity in place.

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This would make staying there long term more feasible and short stays much more comfortable.

The hotel is designed in a 190-meter-diameter wheel shape and it is planned that the wheel rotates to ensure a similar gravitational force as felt on the Moon.

The rooms of the hotel will have soft furnishings and warm homely colors. It is expected that each week 100 tourists will visit the place.