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World’s First Smart Police Station Opens Now

The first smart police station in the world has opened in Dubai. This station will provide 24hr service to the public even if police officers are not on site.

The location of this police station is in a coastal residential area and it covers 120 square meters.

There are three areas in this station namely a waiting area, exhibition area and service area.

So let’s analyze what will happen in all three areas. When many individuals come to the police station to file a complaint they are handled in an orderly manner. Those sent to the waiting area can play a safety driving game instead of waiting idly. Alongside the educational game is the service area.

People can click on the electronic board and talk to the police officers who are working online in a comfortable private environment. Six service languages are available that support around 60 various services from paying traffic fines by cash or bank card to obtaining police certificates and reporting a case along with reporting traffic accidents. Moreover, individuals can submit recovered property and file a complaint about the lost property.

At the moment there are two officers to help people at the smart police station. The good news is that it will be working without the help of those officers quite soon. So the smart police station will become completely independent.

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This is the first step in the right direction. Now the Dubai Police aims to achieve higher by developing a smart police station in each district, be it residential or commercial. They want to make life easier for the people so that they have 24/7 access to police stations. A smart police station is a suitable option for both police officers and the public.

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