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World’s First Hydrogen Train Launched by Germany

world’s first hydrogen train

On Monday Germany launched the world’s first hydrogen train. The rollout indicates the beginning of a step to combat the risks of pollution caused by diesel trains. The hydrogen-powered trains are more in costs however they are eco-friendly in technology.

Two Coradia iLint trains—bright blue in colour, constructed by the French TGV-maker Alstom, started running on a hundred-kilometre route in between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven—Bremerhaven—Bremervoerde and Buxtehude in the North of Germany—a route normally covered by diesel trains.

Henri Poupart-Lafarge—the CEO of Alstom at a revealing ceremony in Bremervoerde—the station where the trains would be refuelled with hydrogen said that the world’s first hydrogen train is entering into the commercial service and is all set for serial production.

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Alstom has said that it intends to provide fourteen more of the zero-emission trains to Lower Saxony government by 2021, with some other German countries also showing an interest in the hydrogen-powered trains.

The trains are provided with fuel cells that generate electricity via a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, a procedure that generates steam and water as the only emissions.

The excessive energy is stored on board the train in the ion lithium batteries.

The Coradia iLint trains could run nearly for thousand kilometres on a single tank of hydrogen, exactly same to the range of diesel trains.

Alstom is relying on the technology as a greener, quieter option to diesel on the non-electrified railway lines. This indeed is an amazing prospect for many German cities striving to fight with air pollution.

Stefan Schrank—the Project Manager at Alstom said that for sure, the purchase of a hydrogen train is somewhat costlier than a diesel train, however, it is cheaper to operate.

Other nations are also considering the option of hydrogen trains, informed Alstom, which includes Britain, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy.

The government in France, has already said that it wants the first hydrogen train to be on the rail tracks by 2022.

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