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World’s first and largest facility to produce coronavirus vaccine is ready in China

The national regulator of China has approved Beijing’s production facility for the coronavirus vaccine. As per the details, the facility, which is associated with the China National Biotec Group (Sinopharm), is ready to mass-produce vaccines for the coronavirus.

The Chinese state-backed Global Times reported that the authorities have claimed it is the world’s first and largest facility of its kind. According to the details, the facility has been working on an inactivated coronavirus vaccine that has passed the phase I and II clinical trials.

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As per the results of the trials, the antibodies to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were generated in all participants after two doses in 28 days. The third phase of the clinical trials of the COVID vaccine are going on in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 15,000 participants of over 200 nationalities enrolled.

Back in April, the government of China had approved the clinical trials in humans for two inactivated coronavirus vaccines.

The details said that it took only two months to finish building the facility on April 15. Biosafety examinations of the facility were carried out by the Chinese government in July. The facility met national standards and those set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and could start mass production of vaccines for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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