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World’s biggest uncut diamond is sold for $53 million

British Jeweller Company Graff has purchased the world’s largest uncut diamond which looks almost close to the size of Tennis ball, the Gem was bought for $53 million.

Canadian miner Lucara Diamond sold the Diamond to Graff which weighs 1109 carats, named the Lesedi La Rona, the diamond was found in Botswana’s Karowe mine in late 2015.

“We are excited to have control over the incredible diamond”, said the company chairman in a statement. “The stone will tell us the story, it will dictate how it wants to be cut, we will take great care to respect its excellent properties”.

Lucara confirmed the $53 million price in a statement in Vancouver.

“The discovery of the Lesedi La Rona was the event which defines our company”, said William Lamb, president and CEO Lucara. It consolidates the mind-boggling potential of Karowe mine and rareness of diamonds discovered, he added.

Previously, the diamond was failed to meet the demanded price which was more than $70 million at Sotheby’s auction in 2016.

The reserved price of the diamond has significantly come down from the previous price set, which made it purchase-able for many and the Winning bidder Graff took the gem.

Graff already owns a 373-carat diamond, the company bought this diamond earlier this year, Lesedi La Rona is a word in Botswana’s Tswana Language which translates “Our Light”.

The uncut diamond can be cut further into smaller pieces of diamonds or it can be saved for a private collection. By cutting down, it might lose the current title of biggest uncut diamond in the world, like the famous Cullinan diamond which was the largest uncut diamond ever found on the globe weighing 3106.75 carats (621.350g) presented to King Edward VII of United Kingdom on his 66th Birthday, which was cut into several pieces later.