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World’s Biggest Passenger Airplane Landed at New Islamabad International Airport

The world’s biggest passenger airplane—Airbus A380, in a first for Pakistan, landed at the New Islamabad International Airport on Sunday that is today,

As per the reports of Gulf News, the Emirates’ special one-off A380 flight to the federal capital took off from Dubai on Sunday morning. On board, there were celebrities, journalists and many officials.

In the history of Pakistan’s aviation industry, the A380 flight landed at the New Islamabad International Airport at 12:10 pm (PST) with six hundred and twenty-five passengers on board.

The flight was completely booked with commercial passengers, except for a few official delegates.

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As per Gulf News, Captain Fazle Ghani, who operated the Emirates flight to Pakistan in 1985, was also present on the flight as a special guest. Moazzam Ahmed Khan—Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE and Shaikh Majid AL Mualla—the Divisional Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations Centre—Emirates was also on board.

Although, this was one-off flight, Emirates is willing to make the A380 flight a regular daily flight on the route from Dubai to Islamabad in future.

Shaikh Majid Al Mualla said that they are proud of their flight to Islamabad, and they look forward to showing more of their creative products onboard this legendary A380 aeroplane with the signature Emirates service. He added that although this one was a special flight, they are super interested in launching a scheduled A380 service to Pakistan and would continue to work with the related authorities to realise these plans.

The weight of A380 aircraft is 577 tons and its length is 240 feet. The wingspan is of 260 feet. The double-decker plane stands at a height of 80 feet from the ground and has a speed of 945 kilometres per hour. It is equipped with four strong turbo engines.

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