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World will End on June 24, 2018 – Bible

Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue, a conspiracy theorist has highlighted a passage from Book of Revelations as the indication that the world will end in 2018.

The passage says, “He was given authority to act for 42 months.”

Rodrigue believes that the truth is revealed in the passage when it is added to the crop harvest and price

Rodrigue said “I heard a voice in the middle of the four living beings. This is wisdom. He who has intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast. It represents the name of a man. His figure is 666.”

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When the numbers are added, as per Rodrigue the figure that comes up is June 24, 2018.

No details are given of how he reached this conclusion, but before this conspiracy theorists have come with different predictions as well. Claiming that a mysterious planet Nibiru will destroy the Earth.  David Meade, a Christian numerologist gave the warning that there is a strong likelihood of a mysterious planet ‘Nibiru’ to crash itself into the Earth. The theorist claimed that the ‘Great American Eclipse’ would define the date of planet’s arrival. The planet would crash into Earth following the eclipse, clearing out all of humanity. Meade believed that after the eclipse Nibiru could be seen in the skies on 23rd September 2017 before it collides with Earth.

The conspiracy theorists think that the gravitational effect of Nibiru a rogue planet disturbed the orbits of other planets centuries ago. Other beliefs are that Nibiru is transmitting ‘plasmatic energy particles’ via our solar system. The changes would bring huge alterations in the climate of Earth.

Well, nothing like that happened on September 23rd, 2017 and as per a known NASA scientist the planet claimed by Meade, cannot exist. If it did, the gravitational forces of the planet would have already gotten rid of Earth of its moon.

Now the date has changed, as per the conclusions drawn by Bible Rodrigue believes that on June 23rd, 2018, the world will end.