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World Ranking 2017: Pakistan Is The Fourth Largest Cotton Producing Country

After China, India, and the USA, Pakistan becomes the 4th largest cotton producing country in the world, as revealed by world ranking 2017. Pakistan has beaten Brazil, Uzbekistan, Australia, Turkey, Argentina, and Turkmenistan along its way and has grabbed the fourth position.

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Per year in Pakistan, 2,216,932 metric tons of cotton is produced. The amount of cotton produced in the country is essential for the economic growth of Pakistan. It is grown in 15% of Pakistan’s land during Kharif season. The monsoon months are included in Kharif Season that is from May to August. The industrial crop is grown mainly in Punjab and Sindh. As the demand for cotton is growing especially BT cotton, therefore, its production has also enhanced in the country.

There are numerous products made using cotton. The most common are clothes. Cotton is used to produce all kinds of clothes from shirts to jeans, trousers, T-shirts and even towels and handkerchiefs. People prefer to wear clothes made of cotton as they are softer and lighter. Other than this cotton is also used to dress wounds via cotton puffs.  Production of fishing net, manufacture of soaps, cotton has many uses and therefore Pakistan ranking fourth in its production not just benefit the country domestically but also boost up the export industry of the country.