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World Crime Index Declares Lahore Safest City of Pakistan

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World Crime Index 2019 has declared Lahore the safest city of Pakistan. Lahore has surpassed both Karachi and Islamabad to become Pakistan’s safest city.

The city has successfully curbed crime rate. In 2018 Lahore had the 138th position with crime index 46.9 back in 2018. But now in 2019 it has moved up by 36 steps and reached the 174th position with crime index 42.06.

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Incidents of robbery, theft, and bribery have reduced in Lahore. Thus overall crime rate has decreased in the city. Furthermore, crimes that are sectarianism based have also reduced.

During the day time, the crime rate has decreased to 15% whereas at night time the incidents of theft have reduced to 18 percent.

The updated World Crime Index 2019 lists 319 cities all over the world. Cities included from Pakistan include Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

In the latest index, Karachi has dropped by 11 positions and reached 61 positions with crime index 58.43. Back in 2018, Karachi was ranked at 50th position with a crime index of 62.60.

The safest city in the world is Abu Dhabi as per the index with 319 positions and 10.97 crime index. The 1st position with highest crime rate was given to Caracas, Venezuela. These cities have a crime index of 83.10.