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World Carbon Pollution Falls 17% during Coronavirus Pandemic Peak – Study

A new study has revealed that the world has cut down its daily carbon dioxide emissions by 17% at the peak of the pandemic lockdown last month.

However, with heat-trapping gas levels inching back toward normal and life getting back to routine this will just be “a drop in the ocean” when it comes to climate change.

In their study, the international team of scientists revealed that carbon dioxide emissions during the coronavirus pandemic calculated are heading back to normal. The year will end up between 4% and 7% lower than 2019 levels. This is still the most significant drop in carbon emissions since World War II.

It will be 7% if strictest lockdown rules remain in place all year long across the global and 4% if they are lifted soon.

The United States cut its carbon dioxide levels by about one-third. The biggest emitter of heat-trapping gases in the world cut down its carbon pollution by almost a quarter in February. This is as per a study published in the Nature Climate Change journal. Emissions were cut in India and Europe by 26% and 27% respectively.

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From April 4th to 9th, there was the biggest global drop when the world was emitting 18.7 million tons of carbon pollution a day less than it was doing on New Year’s Day.

Study lead author Corinne LeQuere, a climate scientist at the University of East Anglia said, “It’s like you have a bath filled with water and you’re turning off the tap for 10 seconds.”

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