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World Bank to Finance the Education Project of Sindh

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The World Bank has the plans of financing the education project of Sindh government with a loan of $100 million for the improvement of the quality of teaching practices and the student retention in the early-grade primary classrooms in the ten selected areas of the province.

The appraisal of the project “Sindh Early Learning Enhancement through Classroom Transformation” in anticipated to commence in the month of March this year, while the loan from the International Development Association (IDA), a part of the WBG, would be given approval by the bank in the month of August this year.

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The project suggests to upgrade the nine hundred dilapidated schools in the ten chosen districts and includes the formation of the toilets, classrooms and the drinking water facilities.

As per a document of the World Bank related to the projects says that the districts and exact location of the schools have not been finalised yet, however these would be chosen based on a decision criteria, which includes the need for the interventions which includes the low-learning results, the presence of the minimum capacity for the delivery services and the equity on the basis of gender and income.

As per a concept document, nearly 50 per cent of the children leave the schools by grade 5 of the primary education, and 27 per cent leave during the transition from primary to middle schools.

The project is aimed at the improvement of the basic numeracy and the literacy skills of the children through the enhancement of the teaching and assessment practices along with the socio-emotional and parental guidance.

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