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World Bank Asks Pakistan to Accept ‘Neutral Expert’ in the Dam Dispute

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World Bank wants Pakistan to accept a neutral expert in the Kishanganga dam dispute as offered by India. The international financial institution has asked Pakistan to take a step back from pursuing its stand on taking the issue to International Court of Arbitration (ICA).

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has asked Pakistani government to pull out from its stand of taking the issue to ICA.

The issue in discussion here is that there has been the construction of Kishanganga dam in India-held Kashmir over the waters flowing towards the western rivers. Now, this is not just the violation of Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, it will also deplete the rivers water level that flows in Pakistan. Thus, Pakistan has referred this issue to the international court of arbitration.

However, India feels that this issue between Pakistan and India is basically related to the design of the dam. So a neutral expert should handle it.

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Pakistan believes that agreeing to India’s proposal of including a neutral expert in to the matter will close Pakistan’s door of arbitration and compel Pakistan to surrender its right to raise conflicts before international courts. As per a source, “It will become a precedent and every time a dispute emerges between Pakistan and India, the latter will always opt for dispute resolution through neutral experts.”

By the end of 2016, World Bank President informed Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar that he has decided to pause the process of ICA Chairman appointment and the neutral expert appointment. Dar protested against this decision and clearly stated that Pakistan does not support this ‘pause’. On one hand, World Bank tried to stop Pakistan from raising the issue at ICA and at the other the Bank allowed India to complete the dam. World Bank did not paid attention to Pakistan’s demands, and ignored the proofs given of India constructing the dam. World Bank only increased the pause in February 2017.

Talks were held later in February, April, July and September where World Bank agreed to appoint an international court to resolve the matter but India refused.

On May 22nd, 2018, World Bank declined Pakistan’s plea asking it show concern by clearly stating that it had “noted the inauguration of the Kishanganga Dam by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”