World Bank Has Approved $114 Million To Help FATA People

World Bank has approved $114 million to support the people inhabiting in FATA. These people are those whose families suffered by militancy-related violence, children who don’t have access to medical care and those who don’t have the basic needs to survive.

$75 million is approved for FATA Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDP) Emergency Recovery Project. The funding additional to this is to support 326,000 eligible temporarily displaced families. Also, the money will be spent on children health care services.

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Illango Patchamuthu, World Bank Country Director for Pakistan said, “Displaced people in fragile or conflict situations need livelihood support when they leave their homes, and upon their return as well. The additional financing will ensure that the returning families have the means to start their lives anew.”

There are two cash grants part of Early Recovery Package

  1. A one-time Early Recovery Grant of Rs35,000 per family
  2. A Livelihood Support Grant of Rs16,000 per family in four monthly installments of Rs4,000.

The package will ensure that displaced families can re-start their lives and regain their livelihoods.

Amjad Zafar Khan, World Bank Task Team Leader of the project said, “Despite many constraints including the security challenges in FATA, successful implementation of the project has presented an opportunity to significantly increase the number of people benefiting from the project. The project’s emphasis on service delivery and inclusion will go a long way in restoring FATA citizens’ confidence in government systems.”

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