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World Airline Ranking: PIA At Top Of The List, But From The Bottom

In Pakistan airlines are only playing a negative role in enhancing economic growth in the country. An airline ranking for year 2017 was announced by AirHelp in which PIA ranked 80th out of total 87 spots. No, this isn’t shocking for anyone but it does tell us how our airlines are doing nothing in boosting up the economy of the country. Airlines can play a vital part in economic growth and long term development of a country. IATA, International Air Transport Association emphasizes how the airline field can help a country’s integration in world economy. Its huge impact on productivity and economic development can provide direct facilities to the users.

The ranking criteria by AirHelp depend upon three important points that are quality of facilities and services, timely arrivals and how they tackle with delayed flights compensation claims.
In comparison of PIA with other peer airlines in ranking, the airline has seen improvement from last year. The lagging point is in its compensation claims. The point in compensation claim is that how effectively the airline controls delayed compensation claims, how many claims are excluded and time for processing and payouts.

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While looking at PIA on basis of other two criteria it is seen that the service quality of the airline is quite similar to that of India and China. In being on time, PIA is even analyzed as better than China and India Airlines. On the flip side in Pakistan PIA is negatively perceived. Due to some major incidents and issues the reputation of the airline has gone down. Airlines should offer best services on ground and in air; they should be consistent and provide a healthy environment to the customers. PIA has yet to achieve this, it seems quite impossible for PIA to compete with leading airlines around the world.