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World Airline Ranking 2018 – PIA ranked 3rd Worst Airline in the World

AirHelp announced world airline rankings for 2018 and unsurprisingly PIA has been ranked as the third worst airline in the world. In 2017 PIA ranked at 80th position out of total 87 spots while this time in 2018 Pakistan International Airlines has been given 70th position out of total 72 airlines ranking.

The ranking has been done on basis of on-time performance, quality of service and a claims processing score. The score displays how an airline handles customer complaints.

Ashley Raiteri, an industry adviser for AirHelp said, “South African Airlines has a fantastic claims-processing score.” Adding, “Irregularities in flights are going to happen. What’s important is whether the airline has planned for that so they can make the experience less hellish for the consumer.”

AirHelp has ranked top 10 airlines in the world in 2018 and they are

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Lufthansa
  3. Etihad Airways
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. South African Airways
  6. Austrian Airlines
  7. Aegean Airlines
  8. Qantas
  9. Air Malta
  10. Virgin Atlantic

Qatar Airways has the on-time performance of 89%. Lufthansa has 76% on-time performance, Etihad Airways has 86%, Singapore Airlines 85%, South African Airways 85%, Austrian Airlines 80%, Aegean Airlines 90%, Qantas 89%, Air Malta 86%, and Virgin Atlantic 82%.

Here is the list of worst airlines in the world

  1. Jet Airways
  2. Aerolineas Argentinas
  3. Iberia
  4. Korean Air
  5. Ryanair
  6. Air Mauritius
  7. EasyJet
  8. Pakistan International Airlines
  9. Royal Jordanian Airlines
  10. WOW Air

In these Pakistan International Airlines is ranked at 70th position with the worst on-time performance percentage of 61. Airlines can play a vital part in economic growth and long-term development of a country but in Pakistan, it seems they are just damaging the country’s reputation.

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