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Women Won’t Need To Wear Abaya In A Beach Resort Project Announced By Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s new heir to the throne has revealed plans to develop a luxury Red Sea resort. It would have special rules through which women would be permitted to wear bikinis instead of covering their body with a veil.

He said that foreigners don’t visit lands where it is an obligation for women to wear an abaya, therefore this resort would be developed on international standards and governed by the law.

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The law of Saudi Arabia has been quite repressive for women. They are not allowed to drive and wearing an abaya is compulsory for them. Now having such strict rules and then coming up with this idea of a luxury resort in quite surprising. The project was described by Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund as “exquisite luxury resort destination established across 50 untouched natural islands”.

The fund further said, “It will set new standards for sustainable development and bring about the next generation of luxury travel to put Saudi Arabia on the international tourism map.”

The development of this project would start by 2019 and its initial stage would complete till 2022.  This project is a Vision of Prince Mohammed to expand Saudi’s economy and reduce its huge dependence on oil.

There is diversity in responses about this project as well, some foreigners have praised while others feel that the project will be a failure.

Moreover, in a statement related to the safety of the project, Saudi has said: “It will be an extremely safe and secure environment that will ensure the protection of all visitors in accordance with the highest international best practice”.

To add appeal to the resort, the government says that most of the foreigners would be able to fly straight to the resort even without a visa.

Prince Mohammed was given the position of crown prince in June, he is the son of present King Salman and it seems that he might bring huge changes in the policies of Saudi Arabia.