Women take COVID-19 more seriously than men


In The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a new study was published which revealed that along with genetic and immunological factors, behavioral differences also result in COVID-19 disparities between men and women.

According to the report, in comparison to men, women are more likely to consider COVID-19 a serious problem. They are more agreeable to comply with the restrictions including staying at home and wearing masks. This is according to a survey conducted in March/April of over 21,000 people in eight wealthy countries. 

Even though there is no gender difference in infection rates, men are more susceptible to becoming ill, with almost twice the odds of dying.

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The authors stated, “Countries headed by women, such as Germany and New Zealand, have generally responded more effectively to the pandemic.”

“In contrast, some of the countries with the worst record, including the United States and Brazil, are led by men who have projected strong masculinity attitudes and dismissed the need for precautionary practices such as wearing masks.” 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed in an interim trial that Gilead’s remdesivir was not successful in restricting severely ill patients’ need for mechanical ventilation, the length of their hospital stay, or their risk of death. 

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