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Women in Pakistan are not getting their national identity cards

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New reports have discovered that the majority of the Pakistani ladies aren’t notwithstanding applying for the national identity cards, when contrasted with the men.

Ladies make up around half of the aggregate Pakistani populace yet the information as held by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) demonstrates that very few ladies are applying for the national ID in Pakistan. The piece of data was presented when asked by the individuals in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

According to the information of the latest consensus held in Pakistan, the proportion of ladies which apply to procure the national identity cards hasn’t changed considerably over the previous five years. The information accessible with NADRA demonstrates that as much as 35% lesser number of identity cards were issued to the ladies.

National Identity Cards help in procuring education and employment opportunities

In the course of recent years, just 7,064,081 women were issued ID cards when contrasted with 9,554,980 of the male partners, albeit both make for roughly the same focus in the aggregate populace. According to the latest information accessible with the specialists, there are a sum of 106,449,322 men and 101,314,780 women in Pakistan.

The quantity of CNICs issued to guys were 5,316,911 when contrasted with 4,090,874 to females in Punjab. As much as 420,348 CNICs were issued to guys when contrasted with 257,484 females in Balochistan – about half when contrasted with the ones issued to men. In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, around 1,322,812 CNICs were issued to guys and 913,584 to females. In Sindh, the extent generally continued as before. Around 96,261 CNICs were issued to men when contrasted with 94,776 CNICs to ladies in Islamabad.

 The gap was additionally made apparent when the quantity of Child Registration Certificates (CRC) was revealed. Over a similar timeframe, NADRA issued 7,365,355 CRCs to the guys while 6,870,060 CRCs were issued to the females, along these lines demonstrating that albeit the greater part of the females were gaining their CRCs, relatively few were applying for CNICs which is somewhat a disturbing situation.

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Image via Deccan Chronicle