Women in Pakistan will be able to Divorce their Husbands without going to Court

According to a document being worked out by the government women in Pakistan will soon be allowed to divorce their husbands without going to the court.

Even though this provision under the present Pakistani law is already part of the marriage pact or the Nikahnama it is almost never offered to the bride at the time of her marriage. Thus, women, if they want the divorce are forced to go to court to get a divorce called Khula. The whole Khula procedure is quite timely and costs a lot. Now it has been decided to change the Nikahnama language that will give the women the right to divorce her husband.

Qibla Ayaz, Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) said, “The nikahkhawan will be legally bound to inform the bride of her right to ask for the dissolution of marriage.”

Changes are being made to Pakistani law, to make them Sharia-compliant and women-friendly. Research Wing of CII has prepared the draft of the new Nikahnama. The final draft will be presented in front of renowned religious scholars and family law experts.

In the old marriage document, the Nikahkhwans usually used to delete the provision that allowed the brides to dissolve the marriage.

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Ayaz said,  “They won’t be able to do that anymore and there would be legal consequences for that and the Nikahkhwan would not able to delete it without the consent of the bride-to-be.”

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