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Women Cab Drivers Becoming Popular in Islamabad

In Islamabad, female cab drivers are getting immense popularity and applaud especially among the female commuters.

Some transport companies have launched women taxi drivers only for facilitating the women. The idea was a hit both among the drivers and the riders.

The women taxi drivers were thankful towards the transportation companies for providing them with an opportunity for earning in the transport division.

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Kausar Ahmed—a cab driver said she has been employed with a local transport firm over the span of last six months. She shared her experience of being a cab driver and said that initially she was confused but with time she got used to the idea and started loving her job.

She added although it’s something newer and stranger for the people of federal capital to see a woman driving a cab, still they respect me.

She also said that the amount of respect she and her colleagues earn from the commuters is really encouraging for all the women cab drivers.

Zunaira Khan—a commuter told that she ordered a cab recently and was surprised to find a woman taxi driver. She said that it felt great to see that women are breaking the taboos relating the professions they may choose. She added that it was an amazing and fantastic journey with a woman cab driver who was brave enough to break the prevalent stereotypes of the society.

Faiza Hassan—another passenger said that it was a good experience to go to office daily with a female can driver. She added that there was no fear of harassment, communication is much easier, and a little conversation even was without any doubts or wrong intentions.

Employment is a crucial and much-needed factor. In today’s fully saturated job market even the people with a masters degree in hand are willing to take the wheel.

Fareen Ahmed—a masters degree holder and a mother of two added that she makes more money than other women having the same degree. She added that she would recommend to all those women who are qualified and have no jobs to come to this profession. Cab driving is a respectable job.

Usually, there is this impression that the cab drivers are less qualified people, however, with the growing rate of unemployment even some highly educated people are seen working with the ride-hailing companies.

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