Women are not Better at Multitasking

A study conducted by two university psychologists in Germany and published in the journal PLOS One, Women are not better at multitasking than men as the old stereotype goes.

The study revealed that men and women of similar age and physical and cognitive abilities performed to almost the same level.

96 men and women were asked to complete tasks that found out different ways in which people multitask.

The authors concluded, “Multitasking resulted in substantial performance costs across all experimental conditions without a single significant gender difference in any of these ten measures, even when controlling for gender differences in underlying cognitive abilities. Thus, our results do not confirm the widespread stereotype that women are better at multitasking than men at least in the popular sequential and concurrent multitasking settings used in the present study.”

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In different tasks, multitasking hurts, but gender does not matter in this case. Some studies have found out that if women are better at multitasking than men have better spatial reasoning abilities.