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Without Prior Approval Schools Cannot Increase Fees


On Wednesday the apex court said that the private schools could not increase their fees without prior approval from a regulatory authority. Supreme Court said that the schools could not raise fees by more than 5 per cent.

A 3-member bench of the court led by Chief Justice—Asif Saeed Khosa heard the case regarding the fees of schools and suspended the case till Thursday.

The bench mentioned that the school owners have got high profits as per the audit reports and that they have been surging their fees on their own since the year 1986.

Makhdoom Ali Khan of the private schools’ counsel said that the rate of inflation was at its peak and asked in such conditions whether it would be right to ban schools from surging their fees.

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The CJP said that at one hand inflation has increased while on the other hand the parent’s income has not been raised that much and to increase the school fees would just put the parents under a lot of pressure.

Justice Ijaz said that the court could not permit schools to become just profit-making entities and said that the government has permitted only 5percent surge in fees.

He mentioned that in Sindh the schools could surge fees after 3 years, proposing the matter of fee could be responded at the time of the validation of license.

During the proceedings, Justice Ijaz mentioned that the Lahore High Court (LHC) decision was full of errors and contradictions.

He said that the order of LHC at one time was that schools could surge fees while in another of its statement it said that schools could not raise the fees.

The chief justice then said that finally, the high court has announced that the schools could not increase the school fees. He proposed that schools could only raise more than 5 per cent fees at the time of their license renewal.

Makhdoom Ali Khan counsel for the private schools said that the gas prices would be surged by 80percent until 2020. He said that the schools could not increase the fees by 80percent if the gas prices surge.

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