With this discount and increased trade-in, the Galaxy Watch 6 is free

With one of Samsung’s greatest offers to date, you may theoretically get the Galaxy Watch 6 for free if you combine an ongoing, time-limited discount with the highest possible trade-in value. Although it seems improbable, it is real. After a one-time $70 reduction, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 is available for $229. Furthermore, the improved Samsung trade-in program values the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Apple Watch Series 8 at $250 each.

Even though Samsung won’t pay users to obtain the Galaxy Watch 6, you can still swap your Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 from Samsung without having to pay a fee thanks to a $70 discount and improved trade-in. As an alternative, you can get the 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 for $9.99, or you can purchase the 43mm or 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for $69 or $99, respectively, by taking advantage of this upgraded trade-in plus an $80 discount.

You may also purchase the Galaxy Watch 6 with Samsung financing if you’d prefer not to pay for it all at once. You can now purchase the 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for just $4.17 a month instead of $17.92 thanks to this offer and trade-in discount. The non-Classic 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 costs $0.42 a month, but the 43mm Classic model costs only $2.92.

Additionally, you can exchange other wearables to save a significant amount of money if you don’t have an Apple Watch Series 8 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to trade in. For instance, Samsung will give you $150 off the Watch 6 if you trade in your previous Gear S3 or Galaxy Watch. Recall that you can still receive the $70-$80 discount if you choose not to trade in another watch.

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