With over 75 million users, Copilot has increased productivity by 70%

Copilot is an AI tool introduced by Microsoft. It was released on the Windows 11 system in October 2023. The same tool was introduced to Windows 10 in December 2023. Since then, it has witnessed significant growth and success. According to details, the AI tool is now available on around 75 million devices across the globe in just less than three months. The details were shared by the company’s CEO during an earnings conference call. Reportedly, Copilot contributes to significant improvements in productivity. Nadella notes that Copilot has the potential to improve productivity by up to 70%.

Early Copilot users demonstrated an astounding 29% boost in productivity

Such a quick adoption of Copilot indicates the impact of AI on today’s work activities. Several reports and research articles signifying the productivity improvements of AI were cited by Nadella during the conference call. AI has changed the way people carry out certain specific tasks. On the other hand, the impact is quite obvious for Microsoft 365 users. It has contributed to a 29% increase in efficiency across several tasks, like searching, writing, and summarizing documents.

Well, the success of Copilot is remarkable on other grounds as well. Besides the individual users, big companies like Honda, Pfizer, and Dentsu have adopted the AI tool. Reportedly, the corporate sector rapidly embraced Copilot. It was successful in outperforming the E3 or E5 kits since it achieved the milestone in just two months. Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s tool is a valuable asset for users across multiple segments of the industry.

In addition to this, the number of Office 365 subscribers has crossed the 400 million mark. Combined with Copilot, Office 365 offers great tools that allow users to accomplish more in their work. It represents a major advancement in the use of artificial intelligence for routine productivity tasks.

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