With its new logo, Google Chat blends perfectly with the other Google apps

Google’s plan to tie-dye each logo in its Workspace suite has been met with vocal opposition from some quarters. Although the four primary colors may draw attention in other contexts, some users may find it difficult to distinguish between icons, particularly quickly. Still, Google Chat didn’t escape the same fate, as the Android version is now openly showing off the same makeover.

A limited preview of the new logo was shown at this year’s Workspace Summit. The conversation bubble design stays the same, but the recognizable green has been given a striking update. The new logo is a combination of green and blue, with a dash of red and yellow thrown in for good measure, rather than a single color. The icon’s negative space is cleverly used to generate a white discussion bubble in the center, which is encircled by a circular white background.

The Google Chat logo has a speaking bubble with four distinct colors: blue, green, yellow, and red

Not only is Google Chat receiving a new logo, but its status bar symbol is also getting updated. The most recent update (version 2023.11.26.x) makes the symbol appear more streamlined and intuitive, according to 9to5Google.

On the one hand, the redesign is colorful and contemporary, matching the rest of Google Workspace. However, that same consistency also makes it difficult to distinguish in your app drawer since it blends in too well. Although there are benefits to redesigning, it’s vital to consider the possible drawbacks of giving up individualism in favor of a cohesive style.

In any case, Chat is the newest addition to Google’s family of applications, which aims to make all of its apps appear to be from the same company. However, a few apps are holding their footing, including Google Docs, Sheets, Play Books, YouTube, Google Earth, and Google Tasks. However, given that Google has been working hard to update all its apps with that distinctive four-color look, it’s just a matter of time until the rainbow invasion takes over.

The apps are beginning to feel the same, even though brand recognition may benefit from this consistency. Even though a unified design is fantastic, our apps still need to be unique. Perhaps Google should think about incorporating some uniqueness into the mix next time. Ultimately, a small amount of diversity is beneficial, particularly in preventing our fingers from accidentally clicking the incorrect icon.

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