With AI-generated captions, Bing may now summarize your search results

Slowly and gradually AI is becoming more and more prevalent. It is present in the form of AI chatbots and other AI assisted tools and features. besides social media accounts, companies have implemented AI in their search engines given their time-efficient approach. Famous examples include Bing and Google.

If you use Bing for your searches, you are probably already familiar with the summary snippets that it offers for search results. Although these summaries of web pages can be useful, there may be too much information in them. Snippets of news articles and Wikipedia information might be just as time-consuming to go through as going to the source website. Microsoft is currently using AI to streamline Bing’s online browsing.

According to the company, Bing will now be incorporated with generative AI captions. It will utilize the GPT-4 model to analyze a search query. it will then generate descriptive captions by extracting the information from the web pages. The basic idea behind this feature is to make search seamless and convenient which will be eventually easy to read and process.

Microsoft states that the captions that are generated will not be an exact replica of the content on the websites. The captions you’re reading are accurate descriptions because the AI uses a number of “signals and techniques” to maintain accuracy. If some user owns a website, tags like “NOCACHE” and “NOARCHIVE” will filter out the webpage from being summarized by AI. In addition to this, the company states that “MAXSNIPPET” and “NOSNIPPET” tags could be used to restrict the snippets being generated based on the user’s webpage content.

Besides this, the company has recently updated Bing Chat and Copilot. Notably, the company has only changed the names of the AI tools, not their functions. Furthermore, Microsoft’s enterprise goods and services are also being rebranded as Copilot. Whatever way a user relies on for searching results on websites, AI has significantly modified web browsing.

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