Winter Festival Celebrated in Baltistan

winter festival

The people of Baltistan has celebrated the winter Mayfung festival on the evening of Monday with traditional zeal.

As per the shared details, in Balti language Mayfung means festivity of waving fire and light at night. Locals celebrated the day on the night of Dec 21 to mark the end of the longest night of the year and start of the New Year.

After the darkness fell on Dec 21, people began the festivities in every village and town of Baltistan division.

Liaqat Anjum, a resident of Skardu, told that according to the tradition, people gathered at a mountain, holding burning wood in the air and singing songs. Then they started marching toward their respective villages holding the fire sticks high in the air and singing traditional songs.

Mr Anjum said people also gathered in an open area after the darkness fell, waved torches in their hands, lit fire balls and danced on traditional music.

They lit bonfires and swirled fireballs to celebrate the festival.

There are various interpretations and views surrounding the festival. According to one myth, the festival is scheduled to celebrate end of harsh winter and start of New Year.

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