Windows version of Samsung Internet disappears from the Microsoft Store

Samsung internet browser

Users have long wondered if they would ever be able to use their favorite phone browser on a computer, and Samsung Internet is one of the best browsers for Android devices. The wait for such consumers was finally over in November 2023, when Samsung published a Windows version of Samsung Internet on the Microsoft Store.

However, it appears that this was an unintentional release or that there were some flaws with the original version of the software, as Samsung has removed Samsung Internet from the Microsoft Store. When the app first appeared on Windows, it was accessible through a direct link to the store but did not appear in search results. It is no longer available via either of the two methods.

There’s no specific reason why it happened, but maybe it was an unintentional release because Samsung never officially announced the arrival of Samsung Internet on desktop PCs, and its Microsoft Store listing was spotted by certain X/Twitter users. The software also greeted the user with Korean language, implying that Samsung had not completed work on things like translation.

Of course, this does not negate the fact that the app has difficulties. In its early stages, Samsung Internet on Windows was nowhere near as smooth as its Android counterpart. It appeared to have a refresh rate lower than 60Hz, making it feel noticeably laggy. It also lacked a few capabilities that people expect from modern browsers, such as data syncing across platforms, such as website passwords.

Another reason we can’t use the app is that Samsung Internet was only supposed to be available in Korea, which would explain the untranslated Korean language that appeared when the browser started up. The best way to see if it’s accessible in your country is to go to the Microsoft Store and see if the app appears. You may also use the Microsoft Store’s search box to look for Samsung Internet.

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