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Windows 11 To Release Only One Major Update Per Year

Windows 11

From the start of Windows 11, users of the Microsoft operating system will no longer have to download as many updates. Because the packages are getting smaller and major updates no longer come every six months.

Many users were basically happy when Microsoft finally said goodbye to the very long product cycles a few years ago. Since then, a major update for Windows 10 has been released every six months – in spring and autumn. In the beginning, there were also many innovations here, but in the end, the scope of the updates remained relatively unspectacular.

Microsoft will therefore limit itself to one major update per year in the future – as is also the case with Apple and Google. In addition to the fact that users can take more notice of a larger range of new functions, the change also brings advantages for Microsoft’s development department. Because this can now take a little more time and work more thoroughly on the functions, while so far one has always been driven by approaching releases.

Smaller Updates

Windows 11 will be released later this year, in the fall. Based on this, the upcoming major updates for the Microsoft operating system will also appear after the summer. Over the rest of the year, however, the well-known smaller updates will continue to come, which fix bugs, iron out some edges, and occasionally bring a smaller feature with them.

Speaking of smaller updates: In the future, these will also be kept narrower in terms of their data volume. According to Microsoft, they will be 40 percent smaller than before. More details were not given, but it can be assumed that the mechanisms have been refined here, with which only really changed code areas are exchanged. How it really works will become clear at the latest with the first previews, but it is definitely clear that users can look forward to more compact downloads.

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