Windows 11 Moment 3 Update is Delayed

Microsoft is confusing Windows 11 users with the Moment 3 update. If the update and its new functions are actually already being rolled out, they will only now be fully released within the release preview channel for Windows Insiders.

On the occasion of the Build 2023 developer conference, the Redmond-based company proudly announced the official launch of Moment 3 for Windows 11 22H2 at the end of May. Despite various updates and the patch day in June, the new features have not really arrived yet. The well-known gradual distribution only seems to be picking up speed now, as a look at the release preview channel shows.

Here Microsoft releases Build 22621.1926 and states: “As part of this update, we are activating the new features and improvements that have been gradually rolled out since last month.” The extensive changelog of the new Insider update not only includes the new Moment 3 features but also a number of bug fixes.

New features within Windows 11 22H2 Moment 3

  • By default, the print button activates the Snipping Tool
  • Alt+Tab windows are limited to 20 tabs
  • New board design and “picker” tool for widgets
  • Update the settings (e.g. USB 4, touch keyboard, etc.)
  • Live subtitles in other languages, eg German
  • Live kernel dumps from Task Manager
  • Taskbar improvements with clock second display
  • Activity indicator for VPN in the system tray
  • New icons in Explorer
  • Accelerator keys in File Explorer XAML context menus
  • Photos app update with new slideshows and tools
  • Voice control updates

This is how you prepare for the Moment 3 launch

It is still unclear when the rollout of all new functions will also reach the average consumer. Nevertheless, Windows 11 users can already take precautions to receive the update as soon as possible. In the Windows Update settings, the menu item “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” should be activated. In this way, those who decide early are provided with suitable updates by Microsoft even faster. Even if the distribution could drag on until Patch Day in July.