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Windows 11 Can Be Installed On Lower PCs Without Updates

Windows 11

Microsoft will at least initially allow exceptions to the Windows 11 hardware requirements so that users can install the new OS even with hardware that is not officially supported. But that has an aftertaste.

Because according to the current state of knowledge, users with hardware that do not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11 can install the new version, but then receive no updates. In this case, no updates mean No security updates, no new function updates, and no maintenance updates – nothing that is regularly delivered via Windows Update comes automatically to such users on the PC. That sounds like a real security problem.

Will not receive Windows updates

This emerges from a statement that a Microsoft spokesman issued on the subject at the request of The Verge author Tom Warren. According to Microsoft, PCs without minimum requirements “may not be entitled to receive Windows updates”. Microsoft has not made a clear statement in the last few days – not even now: “possibly” does not mean “no”. There is a lot of confusion.

According to this, Windows 11 can be installed using a trick, but during the system check Windows “notices” that it is running on an unsupported system. You probably have to imagine the technical background as Microsoft has already set up for the update blockades for certain hardware configurations. As a reminder: With the update blockades, Microsoft prevented systems from receiving updates that could lead to subsequent errors. This was mostly used when Microsoft’s internal tests showed compatibility problems.

Now you can read the message behind the message that unsupported systems will not receive updates, but you can also read it in two ways. Tom Warren writes via the verge that he doesn’t believe that Microsoft will actually leave Windows 11 machines unprotected. On the flip side, though, it would also be good news for those who really hate Windows forced updates, according to Warren.

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