Windows 10X Is Without Desktop Drivers Support

Windows 10X

In Windows 10X there should be a modular operating system, which will come first as ChromeOS alternative to using. Microsoft has now announced further details on driver support. The Windows desktop drivers should no longer be supported.

With the Windows 10 May 2020 update (version 2004), the Redmond-based company created two different categories for driver software. In addition to the Windows drivers, there are the desktop drivers that can only be run on the desktop variants of the operating system. One big difference is that Windows drivers must be certified. This is not absolutely necessary for the desktop drivers.

In an official support document, Microsoft confirms that Windows 10X does not support the “Windows Desktop Drivers”. Instead, only support for the “Windows Drivers” is provided. With this, the Redmond-based company emphasizes that Windows 10X was not designed for use in connection with desktop PCs.

No support for older hardware

Since the Windows drivers must meet certain requirements, Windows 10X will no longer support third-party hardware that requires older drivers. In practice, however, this should only play a subordinate role. Windows 10X should not be made available for download, but rather be used as a pre-installed operating system.

Although Microsoft recommends optimizing Windows drivers that are already certified for use with Windows 10X, it does not oblige developers to adapt their existing drivers. The software can be used on all Windows 10 variants.