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Windows 10 Photos App Needs An Update Gets Stuck With Larger Images

Microsoft has been quite active in updating its products in the past but the company seems to be ignoring the most commonly used apps in Windows 10. One of these apps in the photos app which lets users view and edit images stored on the computer.

The app runs fine most of the time but here is the catch, if the computer is little busy, for instance, you are browsing the internet with multiple tabs open and doing some other files transfer work or playing media, even if you are just surfing the internet, the app gets stuck and shows blank before it opens and shows you the actual image.

This means the app takes more time to open the image if the image is larger than 1000 pixels in width, raw images from DSLR’s that are bigger in size get stuck for a longer time, Research Snipers noted.

Microsoft has updated the Office apps lately bringing in new features, the company has been rolling out regular security and other performance updates for Windows 10 but this photos app looks like a second child which is being ignored for some time.

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