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Will Pari Be Setting New Records in Horror Movies for Pakistan?

Pari is the new talk of the town. It’s the upcoming Pakistani horror film. Just after its first trailer, it was bombarded with criticism for being a copy of the famous Hollywood films The Conjuring and Annabelle. This plagiarism charge was issued because in the trailer there was a character in nun-like getup and special effects.

While giving an interview the Director of the film Syed Atif Ali said that the film is in no way anything like those Hollywood movies. People concluded this because one of the characters in Pari is wearing a veil and is in the dark that reminds one of The Conjuring. But, if closely observed then people would notice a difference in the facial features. Also, all the makeup artists are local and this kind of makeup is being introduced for the first time in Pakistan. He further mentioned that comparison to Hollywood movies is a compliment for us.

The Director said that the theme line of the movie is religiously impacted. He mentioned that he likes the work of Stephen King. Ali took the concept that us young children we are taught to recite a special prayer before going to the washroom because there are some unwanted presences and we need to have protection from them. Keeping this baseline in mind he thought of making the theme of letting those unwanted presences take over the entire house.

Ali is not that famous yet but he has been in the industry for 18 years. He has written many films and telefilms. The reason for his choosing horror genre for the film was his inspiration with Stephen King. He also mentioned that everyone is doing romance or comedy kind of films so doing horror would be a chance to introduce a new flavor to the audiences.

Horror movies have been attempted previously as well like Siyaah and Aksbandh but they did not prove much scary. The director of Pari believes that all the earlier movies were short of one basic thing and that is a strong solid theme around which the whole film could revolve. He said it’s impossible to make the audience jump with fear after every scene but the element of horror could be maintained with a strong story.

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Ali talked that some battles are eternal like good versus evil, light versus dark and in film or dramas we always twist the stories to that. Pari is also about this character who wears a veil and thinks that she is following religion perfectly but the real test comes when her believes are tested with supernatural forces.

Relating the cast, the director said that he has introduced many newcomers as he wanted the audience to stick to the movie instead of renown faces. He wants the audience to come with open minds instead of already made impressions.

Pari is expected to be released on the third of November. Ali believes that the film would be one of its kind and would stay in the minds of people for long. The film is a dedication to Mr. Khawaja Sarfaraz. The first Pakistani horror film maker-Zinda Lash (1967).


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