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Wildlife Dept. Seizes PM Khan’s Eid Shoes

Eid shoes

The Wildlife Department has seized the Eid shoes of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The reason for seizing the Peshawari chappals as provided by the KP Wildlife Department is that the chappals were made from snakeskin.

The shoes were made by Nooruddin chacha, a shoemaker living in Peshawar. The shoes had been commissioned by a man, Noman and the snakeskin was sent from America, as per the reports of BBC Urdu.

Sale or purchase of the snakeskin is unfortunately unlawful under the wildlife act 2015. As per the act, not a single person is allowed to sell or purchase any wild animals, dead or alive without having any legal license or certification. The gifting, sale of animals is also prohibited under section 17.

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 Such offence holds a fine of around minimum Rs.5,000 and also sometimes imprisonment of 1 month or both and the maximum amount of fine is Rs. 45,000- or 2-years jail or both sometimes.

The wildlife department recently raided Nooruddin chacha’s shop in Peshawar and seized the chappals immediately and then they were taken for determining the exact type of snakeskin used in the making them.

A shoemaker of the shop was also taken into custody, as per reports.

The price of the shoes was said to be at least around Rs 40,000. Yet there is no FIR registered.

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