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Wife Beats Husband with Vacuum Cleaner

A Saudi husband was beaten up apparently by his wife with a vacuum cleaner. The wife has bruised him and has caused injury to his scalp. This incident has caused a stir in the Kingdom and has gone viral on social media.

As per the wife the act was done in self-defence as her husband used to hit her using his Agal—a black cord that is used for keeping the headscarf (ghutra) in place. The wife has got wounds on her face and shoulder, according to the reports of Saudi daily Okaz.

The domestic incident has been discussed thoroughly among the Twitter users of the Kingdom, with the #hashtag #زوجه_تضرب_زوجها_بالمكنس (wife beats husband with a vacuum cleaner). The incident has been trending worldwide.

The occurrence was brought to light when the wife filed a complaint against her husband to the Public Prosecution, as per the reports of Okaz on Sunday.

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A medical report confirms that she was injured and was suffering from bruises on her right shoulder, right eye and cheeks. The report further added that the wife is expected to recover in five days’ time.

In the meantime, the husband says that he was defending himself after he was hit with a vacuum cleaner by his wife while she was using it.

He also submitted a medical report which confirms his injuries and approximates his recovery time as seven days.

The exact reason behind this domestic occurrence is unknown. The incident has drawn many reactions on social media, with the majority of the reactions focused on the actions of the wife than that of the husband.

Many people were seen appreciating the woman.

While some showed their disagreement on the matter with the wife.

Some users took the matter lightly and made jokes out of it.

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