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Why YouTube Has Removed Captured IAF Pilot Videos From The Platform


Google owned YouTube has removed the videos of Captured Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman from the platform soon after the government of India requested the company to remove these videos from the platform.

According to Hindustan Times and other sources, “India also strongly objected to Pakistan’s vulgar display of injured personnel of the IAF in violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention.”

The question remains dubious for many spectators, whether it was a vulgar display of injured personnel or it was the other way around.

All the 11 videos of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan sent one clear, plain and amicable message to all, some of the videos did show Pakistan Army personnel protecting the pilot from a local mob which was natural in case of war. The rest of the videos were containing the content which showed the transportation of Indian Pilot from one place to another with great respect.

The major video which was removed was of IAF pilot’s interview in a room which was taken by Pakistan Army’s serving Major. He was holding a cup of tea talking to Major in a friendly way and he was sending peace messages through his interview.

It is important to mention that Google CEO is an Indian and Google’s management acted quite swiftly to remove the video despite the interview video was sending nothing but peace messages also lauding Pakistan’s professional and humanitarian attitude towards Indian pilot. There was nothing such as “Vulgar display of injured personnel, violations of IHL and Geneva convention” as quoted above.

Watch the video and spot anything Vulgar, violating humanitarian laws:

Now here is the catch,

Another video is still on YouTube which shows Pakistan Air Force shooting down Indian jet and the wreckage of Indian plane burning in flames. This video can be questioned because the content is brutal, contains war elements, not good for minors and so on, but the video that is elevating Pakistan’s professionalism is the real damage for India and you can smell the hatred and prejudice towards Pakistan, that is why Indian authorities have requested YouTube to remove that video.