Why YouTube Ads Not Skip? Skipping Ads Becoming More Difficult

YouTube is primarily financed by advertising, which should be clear to anyone who visits the site. The rate of displayed ads has increased significantly in recent years, and now it is also becoming more difficult to skip them. In addition, the player receives an optical innovation.

Skipping ads is getting harder

Google introduced its premium rail a while ago, which not only brings additional content such as a music streaming service with it, but above all eliminates advertising on the video platform. The increase in product information has recently become quite noticeable. But what users don’t like is hard cash for Google, because ads are worth more if you can’t or can’t skip them.

And here the users have to adjust to a change in the interface that hardly anyone will like: Because according to a report by SearchEngineLand (via 9to5Google) YouTube is currently testing a much smaller “Skip Ad” button. This appears in the course of longer advertisements, but in the new design, it has shrunk noticeably. The background here is certainly the desire of Google and its advertising partners to make it more difficult to click away from the advertising or that they overlook the “better” button.

YouTube has confirmed the change to SearchEngineLand, writing, “Our goal is to create a more consistent user experience consistent with the new look and feel on YouTube announced last year.”

Videos with round corners

However, this is not the only change that users will see, and the second one will probably not appeal to everyone either: In the future, the browser or desktop player will have rounded corners, at least in the standard size. If you don’t like it, you can only get rid of it by maximizing the video in the browser window or the display.