Why We Must Hire a React Native Developer for Cross-Platform App Development

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps in today’s mobile-centric business landscape, having one for every business has become quite fundamental, regardless of the size of your company.

Over the years, React Native has continually evolved. It now stands as the top choice for developers worldwide in the process of cross-platform mobile app development, according to Statista. More and more businesses are preferring to hire android developers and iOS developers who can work well with React Native.

This JavaScript framework is designed especially for cross-platform mobile app development, offering the capability to build apps that can run efficiently on both iOS and Android platforms.

Given the prominence of React Native, it becomes increasingly essential for you to understand why you need to hire a React Native developer for cross-platform app development.

The Cross-Platform Approach to App Development

Let’s first understand why building a mobile app that is compatible across platforms is a strategic move for your business.

  1. Reusing the Same Code: When you go ahead with the cross-platform development approach, it minimizes the need for developers to write fresh code for every operating system. They can use a single codebase and reduce repetitive tasks such as data storage and serialization, API calls, and integrating analytics.
  2. Saves Time: Cross-platform applications demand less coding, and hence, it saves developers’ time. Less code also translates to fewer potential points for errors.
  3. Reach wider audiences: When your app is compatible with multiple operating systems, you don’t have to choose between which platforms to prioritize. You can cater to the needs of both Android and iOS audiences, extending your reach and user base.
  4. Efficient resource management: When you build separate applications, it can increase the cost of the project by double. Having a cross-platform app development approach helps you to effectively manage your resources.
  5. Faster Time-to-Market: When your app is compatible with multiple platforms, the need for separate apps is eliminated, which in turn means that the product development and launch processes are faster.

Key Reasons to Hire a React Native Developer for Cross-Platform App Development

Together, React Native and cross-platform application development will provide a solid foundation for app stability and versatile architecture. Not only is this a cost-effective choice, but you will also have an app with exceptional performance.

Here are the top reasons why you need to hire a React Native developer for cross-platform app development.

Provides Pre-Built Components

React Native has pre-built components for cross-platform app development. Your developers can harness these built-in code snippets and other elements and hence reduce the development time and cost without compromising on the quality.

Code Reusability

React Native developers are equipped with knowledge of reusing code in the framework and avoid the need to create separate mobile apps for various platforms. This will not only streamline development but significantly reduce both time and costs.

Hot Reload

Your developer can use React Native’s Hot Reload tool to enable real-time app refreshing during the development process. This accelerates development time by automatically reloading the app as code modifications are made.

You can track the changes in real-time and hence solve problems for your users quicker in the long run.

Cost-Effective Solution

You have already done two things to save cost – chosen the React Native framework and decided on cross-platform application development. Next, hiring a developer will help you create user interface elements that are tailored to each platform while maintaining a shared code base.

Third-Party Plugin Integration

Integrating third-party plugins can quickly become overwhelming when just adding a license/API key is not enough. Your React Native developer can help you seamlessly align third-party plugins with your app, enhancing the platform’s flexibility and customization options.

With the ability to modify themes and templates provided by these plugins, your developer can help you customize the app and make it more user-friendly.

Access to a Supportive Community

A React Native developer has access to a vast and vibrant community. React Native provides access to its documentation to anyone within its community. Whenever developers face any kind of challenges during development, they can easily seek assistance from community experts.

React Native has aided a collaborative environment where developers can share experiences, receive feedback, and even collaborate with fellow developers if needed.

Overall Faster App Development

A good React Native developer will be able to leverage all the above benefits, and together with their skill set, you should be able to release the final app relatively faster. They can enable you to streamline the development process and push to the launch phase in a swift manner.

Top Companies Using React Native

Another compelling reason to opt for React Native is that it is trusted by many big companies across industries. Even though it is a relatively new framework, it has gained immense popularity due to its cross-platform development approach. Here are some examples:


Facebook has leveraged React Native to create the Facebook Ads application. The News Feed on the app is also made via React Native.

Adidas Glitch

This app allows users to make personalizations on Adidas shoes. They used React Native to build this app for Android and iOS in one go.


Tesla’s app is powered by React Native. They used it to maintain consistent appearance and functionality for their users on both iOS and Android apps.

Currently, React Native is being used by many other major industry players, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Flipkart, Shopify, WordPress, Bloomberg, and Discord.

These industry giants have adopted React Native for their mobile app development needs due to its reliability and capabilities. The framework provides stability to the app and supports a transposable architecture.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a React Native developer can help you build high-tech applications, as native app development has always been considered an optimal choice. Moreover, to cut out on significant costs and time investments, React Native is your best bet.

As a result, many businesses are turning to cross-platform app development, with React Native leading the charge.

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