Why upgrade to Outlook customer manager?


Microsoft will be unleashing a new tool for business which uses Office 365 and Outlook. It is called Customer Service Manager. It is a lightweight CRM for want to track their customer interactions and history but cannot handle the advanced platforms like Dynamics 365. The new tool by Microsoft gives businesses the opportunity to track tasks and deals in progress on Outlook. The service manager will pop-up reminders that aim at helping businesses stay on top of customer relationships.

Outlook Customer Manager automatically organizes customer information such as emails, meetings, calls, notes, files, tasks, deals and other information. This information is collected from emails, calendar and call log data that will be showcased in timeline format next to the inbox. It is simple to use for small businesses.

Outlook customer manager is a lightweight CRM

In order to use the application the system in it associates certain tasks with contacts or company so that interaction with them is more timely. In addition it is able to prioritize customers and deals which aims at effective time management. It presents deals by stage, closing dates, priority and amount. The focus feature in Outlook is similar to Outlook Focused Inbox which prioritizes mail and deals.

Small businesses have an easy and quick way to keep up with their customers through easy to use interface. Even if the customer’s original point of contact is out they can handle customer calls and inquiries. Everything is readily available from calls to deal stage details in the company through access to Customer Manager Software.

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This is available on desktop and mobile starting first with iOS. The home tab in the Outlook inbox is where it is present. The data it tracks remain in Office 365. Lightweight CRM ensure smooth internal communication and at any point businesses can switch to Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 offers more customer info with a lot more insights.

Outlook Customer Manager is available for free in Office 365 Business Premium Plan. The worldwide rollout call will be in the months ahead but those in the first release program get to test it out today.

Image via  Office Blog