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Why is Telegram App not working in Pakistan?

Telegram is quite a popular app in Pakistan but for almost two months now the app is down. Telegram is not accessible in the country and millions of users are not able to access it. In short, Telegram is blocked in Pakistan.

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It must be noted that Telegram is just down in Pakistan. Otherwise globally it is working normally without any complaints.

So it is assumed that Pakistani authorities might have blocked Telegram App in Pakistan.

Telegram main features are its encrypted and secure messaging, uncompressed images and ability to send larger files. The app is available for users on phones, tablets for iOS, Android etc. Just recently Telegram introduced the feature that Telegram Group chats can now have 30,000 members. Unfortunately, people in Pakistan are unable to access Telegram or any of its interesting features.

Let’s see the reactions of people on the ban of Telegram App in Pakistan.






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  1. No need of any VPN or Proxy, use mtproto, google it and click on Connect on the web page, it automatically incorporates itself in to telegram, nothing else is needed. No proxy, Nothing else!

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