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Why has CPEC become a threat to India?

CPEC is a mega-development project between Pakistan and China. It will and is bringing growth, advancement, and progression in Pakistan, which has become a threat to the neighboring country, India. Roads, railways, electricity & hydropower plants, and many other projects are planned under CPEC connecting Chinese Xinjiang province to Gwadar in southwestern Pakistan.

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As per a report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), “There is considerable concern within India that China, which has been neutral on Kashmir since 1963, can no longer be so now that its economic and security interests in these territories are growing in the stake.”

Sipri report added, “India strictly opposes CPEC, and while the Economic Belt is not a harbinger of a new conflict, it has so far intensified historic competition over influence in South Asia.”

Last year Modi while attending a seminar said, “Only by respecting the sovereignty of countries involved, can regional connectivity corridors fulfill their promise and avoid differences and discord.”

“The CPEC passes through a territory that we see as our territory. Surely people will understand what [the] Indian reaction is. There needs to be some reflection and I am sorry to say that we have not seen signs of that.”

The reason that India has objections related to CPEC and feels a threat is because India does not want China or any other nation to take sides with Pakistan in the Kashmir issue. As China is working in the disputed areas of Kashmir, it will definitely have a say in the Kashmir dispute, which concerns India.

Also, India is threatened by the fact that China gains access to Indian Oceans via the Arabian Sea because of CPEC. In future, this might bring issues for India and they are concerned about it.

The most direct threat to India because of CPEC is that Pakistan will develop, it will grow closer to China and it might affect India negatively. In terms of politics, India and Pakistan have been arch rivals since independence in 1947. Now CPEC can create jobs in Pakistan, bring development and boost the economy of Pakistan. So a thought might have passed in minds of India that can Pakistan’s economy surpass India’s in near future?