WHO Warns Pakistan’s Coronavirus Cases Can Increase to 200,000 by Mid-July

Pakistan's Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus cases of Pakistan can increase to 200,000 by mid-July if effective steps are not taken to control the spread of the novel COVID-19, as said by the World Health Organization.

Dr Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of WHO stated that at the launch of the Pakistan National Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan virtual conference.

He was cited as saying that the response plan of Pakistan is a joint strategy of the government of Pakistan and the UN and partners. He also said that it is aligned with Pakistan’s National Action Plan and WHO’s global Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan.

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He indicated that the needed funding for the plan was $595 million which will be allotted to assist the different steps.

He further added that without effective measures there can be an increase of 200,000 cases by the mid of July. The economy would be impacted negatively, hence it will double the number of people who are living in poverty.

Dr Tedros was cited as saying that all must act in cohesion with a coordinated approach.

The statement from the World Health Organization has come at a time when the cases of COVID-19 have increased past 10,000 in Pakistan.

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