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WHO did not Suggest Any Medicine for the Treatment of Corona

Dr.Zafar Mirza special assistant to PM on National Health Services said WHO (World Health Organization) did not advise any medication to cure or to prevent the virus.

There were some doctors who suggested some medicines to cure COVID-19, said Dr.Zafar Mirza in his tweet.

He further added that there is no such evidence for the medicines which the local doctors suggested whether they can actually cure the coronavirus.

The special assistant also said that fourteen diagnostic labs were under a heavy burden. He also asked every citizen to follow every single advisory of the National Health Services and identify those people who require a PCR test.

People who are feeling symptoms like shortness of breath or other related diseases and especially those who have been in contact with people who are being confirmed with the virus, they should get themselves checked and get their PCR test.

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People with no disease identification but serious conditions will also be on the priority list of treatment. The second category of people who will be on the priority list will be those who are confirmed with coronavirus especially those who are suffering from other diseases also like heart disease, lung issues, diabetes or pregnancy, etc.

The third priority will be the public sector staffers who are looking after the suspected patients who are in quarantine or doing research on corona or are connected with corona patients.

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