“White House has not confirmed reports of PM Imran’s visit to the US,” State Department claims

"White House has not confirmed reports of PM Imran's visit to US," State Department claims

Morgan Ortagus, a spokesperson of the State Department of the US on Wednesday said that the White House has not confirmed the reports of the visit of the Prime Miniter Imran Khan to the United States.

While responding to a question from the media personnel, Ortagus said that she would reach out the White House to confirm or not confirm the visit of Imran Khan.

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“To my knowledge, that has actually not been confirmed by the White House. I know that I have read the same reports that you have, but I would reach out to the White House to confirm or not confirm that visit,” she said.

“But that’s –we don’t have anything to announce here from the State Department”, Ortagus added.

On the other hand, a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Syed Zulfi Bukhari, while addressing the Pakistani embassy in Washington, said that the details of the visit of PM Khan to the US will be surfaced in a few days.

He further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will also visit the Pakistani community to meet the people.

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