When will Coronavirus End in Pakistan

When will coronavirus end? A question that is on everyone’s lips. The answer to this rather complicated question is quite simple. Coronavirus will only end in Pakistan and across the globe once a vaccine is ready. Even then it won’t end, but at least it will be curable. As of now, there are numerous drugs that are in development but their human trials, mass production, availability will at least take a year.

Amongst the companies working on vaccines, Johnson & Johnson is planning to test its vaccine to fight COVID-19 by September. It would be ready to use not before 2021.

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Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) made the announcement that medical experiments on four coronaviruses (COVID-19) vaccines are going on. The tests are going on to check the effectiveness of the vaccine in curing the disease, however, thus far no vaccine is ready to fight against COVID-19.

Till a vaccine is ready we can play our part in at least controlling the spread of coronavirus. The only thing we have to stay at home. Keep not just our own selves safe but others as well. In the short-term, the goal should be to flatten the curve.

Social distancing, how long it would a liable option can not be answered. But it is the only option we have. Control the spread of coronavirus until the vaccine is ready and available.

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