WhatsApp’s secret code functionality for locking chats is now available for all users

WhatsApp is getting the latest security feature that’ll be available on all platforms starting today. For the past few weeks, Meta has been testing this latest security feature, which will provide an option for users to lock their chat. This feature was being tested for both Android and iOS users.

In the upcoming months, that choice will be made available to everyone worldwide after beginning to roll out to the general public today. Earlier this year, the WhatsApp app added chat lock capability, allowing users to hide conversations from the list of conversations. A secret code that is distinct from the password or code needed to open the device can now be used to lock and secure communications.

For increased privacy, users can use a secret code to conceal the Locked Chats folder from the chat list. To access the locked chats, users must enter the code in the search field. Emojis are also acceptable for use in secret codes; alphanumeric characters are not required like in conventional passwords.

Another feature that WhatsApp was previously testing on the beta version of the app is the option to lock chats by long-pressing a chat in the chat list. Like previous WhatsApp updates, this one will gradually roll out across more devices as the weeks pass. Updating the program via the Play Store (or iOS program store) won’t be sufficient; a server-side modification is also necessary before the functionality can be used.

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